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For the price of just 2 or 3 lessons, NeuroTennis will make you react faster, prepare earlier, and play better.

Train your brain, raise your game. NeuroTennis is a wristband that is unlike any other wearable on the market. It improves all aspects of your tennis game. It coaches you while you play. It has a unique 2-player system that trains you to move, prepare, and execute at exactly the right time so you can be more efficient and effective. Whoever said you couldn’t improve your game quickly never tried NeuroTennis.

Smart and Adaptive

Coaching Instructions are synchronized with the rhythm of your playing, conditioning your brain to develop the best skills and habits.

Two-Player or Solo Mode

NeuroTennis is most typically used in a two-player mode, meaning that the sensors in each device communicate across the court with your partner’s device. This allows NeuroTennis to stimulate your reactions at the exact right time. Because reacting to your opponent’s shot quickly is highly correlated to better play, the two-player system can literally improve your game immediately.

NeuroTennis App

NeuroTennis is controlled by an app on your smartphone. The app allows you to select and customize lessons and drills from an extensive library designed by our world-class coaches, including Mats Wilander, former world number 1, and winner of eight grand slams.

Why NeuroTennis?

NeuroTennis works on all aspects of your game – mental, technical and conditioning — and immediately changes the way you play. By making good habit changes permanent, you achieve breakthroughs — no matter your level.

Delivers Rapid Breakthroughs

NeuroTennis puts you on two simultaneous paths to achieving breakthroughs. First, it turns the good elements of your game into consistent behavioral patterns. If you are like most tennis players, there are already plenty of things you know how to do well, but you just don’t do them all the time. By making your strengths into true habits, you will quickly reach your current potential. Second, NeuroTennis expands your future potential by introducing new skills and concepts, and then pushes you to turn those into new habits.

Boosts Confidence

When you know what you need to do on court, you get that special feeling of confidence that makes you play your best. Playing without a plan, or anything specific to focus on, is often the cause of poor performance. Find a new sense of purpose on the court. Your opponents are sure to take notice.

Improves Consistency

Success is about playing well sustainably– not just hitting a great shot once in a while. NeuroTennis conditions your brain to play consistent high-quality tennis. Nothing will raise your level faster than that.

Multiplies the Value of Your Practice Sessions

Vince Lombardi, the great NFL player and coach after whom the Super Bowl trophy is named, said

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

When you practice with a focus on quality, not only do you engrain the best habits and work out harder, but you also develop that all-important skill – focus itself.  Practice should not just be a physical workout. With NeuroTennis, your practice session becomes a time to improve in specific ways.

Teaches You to be Systematic

In tennis, like in any competitive activity, following a system is key to success. A person with a clear method to playing the game generally beats a person who has a vague concept of what to do on the court. The NeuroTennis system eliminates the vagueness in your game.

Develops the Mental Side of Your Game

Novak Djokovic once said,

 “Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands.”

Players know that tennis is one of the most mental sports there is. The mental side is the hardest aspect of the game to master. NeuroTennis is the only wearable designed to specifically exercise that all important “muscle” – your brain!

The NeuroTennis Difference

Game Modifying Technology™
Other wearable tennis products just measure physical results like speed and spin, and tell you how many strokes of each type you hit. These metrics are unlikely to make a significant change in your game. NeuroTennis is about actionable information – what you can do right now to raise your game. With NeuroTennis’ extensive library of coaching instructions and personalization technology, you will always be pushing your game to the next level.
Mental and Physical Training

NeuroTennis delivers a unique combination of mental and physical training, programming your mind and body to work together, which is critical for maximizing your potential.

Practice Like a Pro

Live coaching™ keeps you working with  professional-level focus on the court the entire time you are playing, teaching your brain specific improvements. In each practice session, you can acquire new skills or perfect your current ones.

Personalization Technology
NeuroTennis comes packed with valuable drills. And, you or your coach can also tailor drills to your specific needs. Even create custom coaching instructions in real time on the court, and try them out right away!
Two-Player System

Unique, Two-player or one-player system provides you with flexibility to use NeuroTennis whether you have a partner lined up or not. Even use it with the ball machine or hitting against the wall. The two player system is a unique concept and technology unmatched by any other training tool.

NeuroTennis will make you a smarter tennis player! Speaking of smart, look for our discount coupon on our Shop Now page.