Ball Machines

Ball Machine Coach

Turn Your Ball Machine Into a Serious Coach

If you have a ball machine, NeuroTennis offers the best way to get so much more out of it. Step up your ball machine sessions by introducing drills that will make you focus on specific things you need to do. Your ball machine now communicates with you via NeuroTennis to give you coaching instructions that tell you to hit certain kinds of shots, as well as give you important technical reminders that will help you play your best. You choose the drills you want to execute, press PLAY, and then get to work. Your ball machine workout never felt this intense — or this productive — before!

Designed to Handle Ball Machine Use

NeuroTennis is designed specifically to work with ball machines. The secret is the sensitivity setting which is easily set on the NeuroTennis wristband. By setting the sensitivity to “Max”, the wristband naturally detects that your ball machine is sending a ball. The wristband is simply attached to the front of the ball machine using two ordinary pieces of tape. The ball machine is now acting as your live tennis coach!  The second wristband, which you are wearing, receives signals when balls are sent to you by the machine.  This results in you taking orders from your demanding new coach! Setup takes just a few seconds.

See it in Action

NeuroTennis is shown here with a PLAYMATE™ unit, but the same principle works with all ball machines.

Set up is Easy