Tennis Brain Trainers

NeuroTennis “Brain Trainer” Ambassador Program

Why is NeuroTennis Useful for Tennis Professionals and Coaches?

As a Tennis Professional, you know that most players aren’t going to improve their game by trying to hit the ball harder than their friends, or knowing they broke their RPM record. Maybe that kind of feedback is fun or interesting for a few days, but it’s not going to make a meaningful difference in your students’ tennis ability or their confidence. That’s what all the tennis wearables or “tennis trackers” do — except NeuroTennis. NeuroTennis is not about measuring — it’s about modifying.

Everyone knows tennis is a brainy sport — quite possibly the brainiest. That doesn’t just mean it’s about strategy — it’s about habits, concentration, presence of mind, managing risk and reward, managing time and space on the court, getting your opponent to make mistakes, and managing yourself. Tennis is full of real-life skills! As a player’s level advances, these mental skills and habits become even more important!

As a coach, you already work on these things with your players on the court. Here’s how NeuroTennis can become your assistant:

In between sessions, your students will likely practice without you. They will play with friends, hit at the wall, or with a ball machine. NeuroTennis can be your voice when you’re not there. You can select content from our library and recommend it, or you can use our app to customize content for your students. Customized lessons can contain a mix of our library content and your own drills and coaching instructions. With NeuroTennis’ sharing feature, you can create content on your phone using the app and send it to your students. They can then download it onto their NeuroTennis devices.

Together on the court, you and your players can use the 2-player system to work on all aspects of the game. Here again, you can customize the coaching instructions to suit their specific needs, and use the exact language that works for them. When you are across the court, NeuroTennis will be delivering the instructions selected by you, all at the rhythm of your hitting.

Best of all, NeuroTennis is non-judgmental. Every player will ultimately feel stressed, and maybe even defensive, after numerous repetitions of the same instructions by a coach. After the tenth time you say “keep your feet moving”, the player’s natural reaction is, “but, I thought I was moving my feet!”. They can get defensive and they can even get discouraged. However, NeuroTennis does not see the player and it’s important that the player knows that fact! NeuroTennis only reinforces what they are working on now. The player knows this and receives the input as a positive reinforcement, i.e., reminders of things to strive for. With a more receptive attitude, the player absorbs more information, and also works harder. Typically, players will sense improvements very quickly because they are doing the things they already know how to do, but they are doing them consistently.

NeuroTennis Wants to Partner with You

NeuroTennis wants to partner with tennis professionals and coaches. Our “Brain Trainer” program is an ambassador program designed as a win-win, delivering both tennis results and financial rewards. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up for the program by providing us some basic information about you and your tennis club or programs.
  2. We provide you with a personalized affiliate code, which you pass on to your players who are interested in owning NeuroTennis.
  3. When your players use your code to purchase NeuroTennis, they will receive a discount, and you will receive a commission. These may vary over time. When you sign up for the program, we will let you know the amounts.
  4. For your own use as a coach, you can make an initial discounted purchase of NeuroTennis for only $159.
  5. To purchase NeuroTennis for resale in your shop, contact us about volume orders.

As a Brain Trainer we’ll also provide you with:

  • Expedited support;
  • Membership in our online community;
  • Invitation to our bi-annual on-line meeting to discuss how to best leverage NeuroTennis and to share feedback about product improvements.