QG Lessons, Drills, and Instructions in the app

Lessons, Drills, and Instructions in the app

What’s in a Lesson?
  • A lesson contains a sequence of drills.
  • A drill contains any number of coaching instructions.
  • NT provides a library of coaching instructions, drills, and lessons. These are called “standard”, and are denoted by this icon.

  • You can also create your own. These are called “custom”, and are denoted by this icon.

  • Your custom coaching instructions can include your own audio and video recordings.
  • Mix and match: a custom drill can contain a mix of custom and standard coaching instructions.
  • Similarly, a custom lesson can contain a mix of custom and standard drills.
Using Player Levels

When browsing lessons or drills, you can use the sort feature and select “Beginner to Advanced” to organize by level.

Some drills or lessons are appropriate for multiple levels, so it is possible to have combinations, such as “intermediate and advanced”, “beginner and intermediate”, or “All”.

When you are browsing lessons or drills, you can use the “Sort” feature to organize by level. Select “Beginner to Advanced.”

Creating Custom Coaching Instructions

Step 1: Create a New Coaching Instruction

  1. From the main menu, choose “Coaching Instructions”.
  2. Swipe to the category for your coaching instruction – for example, “Footwork”.

  3. In the upper right corner, tap “+” to create a new coaching instruction.

Step 2: Enter Coaching Instruction Information

  1. Enter a name for the new coaching instruction, for example, “Aim with your body”. Tap “Done”.
  2. Set the trigger to “My Shot” or “Opponent shot”, “Serve” or “Return” — Serve and Return coaching instructions are triggered by button presses on the NT200, instead of by hits.
  3. Tap on “Add New Recording” and follow the instructions to record audio.
  4. After recording, choose a name for the person who recorded the coaching instruction. This may be used later to select voice preferences.

NOTE: You can have as many audio recordings as you want for a coaching instruction. You can add more at any time.

Step 3: Create Explanatory Video for the Coaching Instruction

  1. You can record a video for your coaching instruction to explain its purpose and to demonstrate what to do.
  2. Tap on the “Video” tab (see picture). Then tap “(+) Add New Video” and follow instructions to choose an existing video from your phone, or record a new one.

NOTE: You can have as many videos as you wish for a coaching instruction. You can add more at any time.

Creating Custom Drills

Step 1: Create a New Drill

  1. From the main menu, choose “Drills”.
  2. Swipe left or right to choose the category for your new drill.

  3. In the upper right corner, tap “+” to create a new drill.

Step 2: Enter Drill Information

  1. Enter the drill name and press “Done”.
  2. Tap on the drill name recording and follow the instructions to record.
  3. Enter a description of the drill’s purpose (optional).
  4. Change drill category, if desired. 
  5. Decide if you want NT to count shots in your rallies during this drill.
  6. Tap “+ Add Coaching Instructions to Drill” to start choosing coaching instructions for your drill.

Step 3: Adding Coaching Instructions

  1. After tapping “+ Add Coaching Instructions to Drill”, the “Choose Coaching Instructions” screen appears.
  2. Swipe left and right to access other coaching instruction categories. 
  3. Coaching Instructions included in your drill are shown with a check mark. Check or uncheck coaching instructions, as desired.
  4. When you are done, tap “Back” in the upper left corner to return to your drill screen.

Step 4: Save the Drill and Add It to a Lesson

  1. Tap “Save” to save your drill. Even if you are not online, the NT app will remember your drill.
  2. You can add your drill to a lesson now or later. To add it now, tap on “Add to Custom Lesson” and choose a lesson from the menu.

    NOTE: You can only add to custom lessons, not standard ones.

  3. Another option is to send your drill directly to the device as a “standalone drill”, saving you the step of first adding the drill to a lesson. This downloads a lesson containing just one drill. Do this by tapping on “Send to Device”.

Creating Custom Lessons

Step 1: Create a New Lesson

  1. From the main menu, choose “Lessons”.
  2. Tap on “(+) New Lesson” button (see picture).
  3. Enter the name of the lesson.
  4. Tap on the lesson name recording and follow the instructions to record.
  5. Enter a description of the lesson’s purpose (optional).
  6. Tap “+ Add Drills to Lesson” to start choosing drills for your lesson.

Step 2: Enter Lesson Information

  1. After tapping “+ Add Drills to Lesson”, the “Choose Drills” screen appears.
  2. Swipe left and right to access other drill categories.
  3. Drills in your lesson are shown with a check mark (see picture). Check or uncheck drills, as desired.
  4. You can also tap on any drill’s name if you want to see what it contains. A screen opens to show you the drill’s contents and offers a button to add the drill to your lesson.
  5. When you are done adding drills, tap “Back” in the upper left corner to return to the your lesson screen.

NOTE: It is possible to add the same drill to a lesson multiple times.

Step 3: Save the Lesson

  1. On the lesson screen, review the list of included drills. You can delete any drill by tapping on the red “-“ button.

  2. Tap on each drill’s duration to adjust it, if desired.
  3. Press and drag the handles on the right side to re-order the drills in any desired sequence.

  4. When you are satisfied with the lesson, tap “Save” in the upper right.
  5. Your lesson is now ready! The app shows you the total duration. To load the lesson on to your NT200, tap “Send to Device”.


You can edit your custom coaching instructions, drills, and lessons to change any aspect you would like. Just go to the main screen for whatever you want to modify, and tap “Edit” (see picture).

NOTE: To delete a coaching instruction, drill, or lesson, go to its main screen and tap “Edit”. The “Edit” mode includes the ability to delete.

You cannot edit standard drills or lessons because these come from the NT library and only NT can update them to provide enhancements.

NOTE: You can edit a standard coaching instruction, but the only allowed change is to add new recordings, in case you would like to use a different voice.


If you like a standard drill or lesson, but want to make some changes to it, you can copy it. The copy is your own custom version, and now, you can edit it.

For example, if you like a standard drill, but you want to add a few coaching instructions, go to the drill’s main screen and tap “Copy” (see picture). The same thing works for standard lessons.

You can also copy your custom lessons and drills to create variations.

Sharing with Other Players

The NeuroTennis app lets you share content with other players. If you are a coach, this is a great way to send content to your students who have NeuroTennis.

Say you want to share a lesson with a friend. Open the lesson, and use the “…” menu. Select “Share”. Fill in the username of the person you want to share with. You may have to ask them for their username. A user can check their username in Settings->Profile.

When someone shares content with you, you will see the number next to “Shared with me” change in the main menu. If you have an Android phone, you will also see a notification (not available yet in the iPhone app). Tap on “Shared with me” to see your “inbox”. Tap on any shared content you want to accept. The content will be added to the appropriate section of your NT library.

Video Downloads

Not all courts have Wifi. That’s why the app offers most features and content even without an internet connection. You can still access all your lessons, drills, and coaching instruction. You can even create new content.

However, there is one type of content that the app does not keep on your phone by default: the videos for coaching instructions. The reason is that videos take more space than other types of information, and we don’t want to minimize the amount of storage we use on your phone. When you play a video, we download it to your phone.

You may want to watch certain videos on the court, to remind yourself of key points before playing. To make this possible, the app allows you to select specific videos you want to download and store on your phone. Try it out: pick one of your favorite coaching instructions and open it in the app, If the instruction has a video, you will see a “cloud” icon with an arrow as shown below. While connected to the internet, tap on the button to download the video. Once the video is downloaded, the arrow changes to a check mark. Tap the “play” button to view it. You can also select the “Videos” option of the main menu to access all the videos you’ve stored on your phone (See above).