QG Playing Lessons and Drills

Playing Lessons and Drills

Playing and Pausing Drills

The “Play/Pause” button controls which lesson and drill you are using. Also use it to pause or resume the current drill. A regular press provides certain actions, and a long press (press and hold for 3 seconds) provides others, as explained below.

  1. After powering on, you will hear the current lesson name. Press “Play” to start the lesson.
  2. Your lesson is now running. At any time, if you have not pressed “Play” in the last 5 sec., pressing it just reminds you of the current drill.
  3. To pause the drill, press and hold for 3 seconds.
  4. To resume the drill, press “Play”.

NOTE: NT announces when a drill reaches the half-way point. In certain drills where players take turns (e.g., being at the net), this is a good time to switch places.

Moving to the Next Drill
  1. As mentioned if you have not pressed “Play” in the last 5 sec., pressing it just announces the current drill.
  2. Press “Play” again within less than 5 sec. to move to the next drill.

NOTE: If you want to go forward several drills, just keep pressing play until you reach the drill you want. When you pass the last drill in the lesson, NT will start again at the first drill.

Extending the Current Drill’s Duration
  1. One minute before the end of a drill, you will hear a chime and a time warning. NT offers you a chance to extend the drill, in case you feel like continuing.
  2. To do this, press “play” within 5 sec. of the chime
Switching Between Default and Custom Lessons

The default lesson is built into the NT device and always available. If you have also downloaded a custom lesson from the NT app (see instructions on loading custom lessons), you may want to switch back and forth between the default and custom lessons. Here’s how:

The simplest way to remember is this: Press and hold “Play/Pause” for 3 sec., and then do the same thing again. That’s it!

For a more detailed step-by-step explanation, follow these steps:

  1. Whichever lesson you are on, pausing is the first step to switching. Press and hold “Play/Pause” for 3 sec. to pause the current drill.
  2. You will hear instructions telling you to press and hold “PLAY/PAUSE” for 3 sec. AGAIN in order to switch to the other lesson.
  3. Press and hold as instructed until NT announces the lesson name.

NOTE: If your second press is not held for 3 sec., you will just resume the current lesson. If you still want to switch lessons, just go back to step 1.