QG Settings


Using Settings

Access settings for the NT app from the main menu by tapping on “Settings” (see picture). This screen provides access to:

  • About: Information about your NT app and its version. 
  • Configurations for various features of the NT app.

Most of these settings are self-explanatory and the NT app provides on-screen help.

Choose Default Voice

The Default Voice allows you to indicate a preferred voice for coaching instructions in your custom lessons.

Default Voice only matters when a lesson contains coaching instructions that have multiple voice recordings. NT needs to know which voice recording to use for each coaching instruction. The NT app uses this information when it sends the lesson (and all of its included coaching instructions and recordings) to the NT device.

When you choose a default voice, the NT app will use that voice for every coaching instruction that has the voice available. In the example above, NT will use the voice called “alain” whenever it is available.

How Default Voice Works

If a coaching instruction has the Default Voice available, NT will use that voice for the coaching instruction. In the example shown, the coaching instruction’s selected voice is “Jessica”. However, because the Default Voice in Settings is set to “alain”, and the coaching instruction also contains a recording with that voice, the recording labeled “alain” will override.

NOTE: When the setting for Default Voice is No Default Voice, NT will use the voice selected on each coaching instruction (the one with the check mark).